Top rating Ps4 free theme in 2018

There was a time when video game consoles did not need a user interface at all; A cassette was inserted, it was turned on and the reading started. Now, our consoles are essentially computers with full internal memory, applications and web connections, which necessarily spend much more time searching the menus than before. Fortunately, Sony best ps4 games recognizes this and allows users to re-apply the system menus with custom designs for the PlayStation 4. These range from easy color-sharing to fully dynamic and “animated” themes inspired by their favorite games.

Best games ps4

To install a theme after buying the PlayStation Store, simply go to Settings, then Theme Settings, and simply select your chosen theme from the list and press X.

If you want to give your PS4 menus a new look, but you need a little help in making a decision, we’ve created a list of our favorite topics.Even if you’ve never been looking for antiques with Nathan Drake, this underwater sinking animated series inspired by the action / adventure film Uncharted will give your console a pleasant atmosphere of adventure.
Space Laser Cats

best topics cats laser ps4

People love space, cats and lasers, so it seems easy to combine the three. This amusing and amusing theme, where cats pull lasers from their eyes while floating in space, could be a call for one of SNL’s first digital shorts.
“Firehouse”One of the quietest options we’ve seen, this theme based on the excellent narrative title of Campo Santo Firewatch presents a best ps4 themes beautiful view of trees playing with parallax in addition to the swaying music of the soundtrack.