TEST by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Slaps and Beans At the height of Legends

TEST by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Slaps and Beans: At the height of Legends?

The announcement had raised enthusiasm for the editorial staff. For good reason, to find one of the most sympathetic duos of the cinema, having shot 17 films between the years 60 and 90 (18 if one counts the peplum Hannibal , where they appeared under their real names), in a beat them all typed 16 bits had everything from Madeleine Prous t to the spectators of the late La Cinq. And we can say that it was hard to believe in this tight budget game like an espresso. The excitement seized us before embarking on the test but when to go, must go!

TEST by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Slaps and Beans At the height of Legends

It could not start anywhere else than in the Far West. The colossal Bud Spencer and the facetious and agile Terence Hill cross the road of robbers and head for the nearest city that seems in the wrong hands. For the money, the food or the beautiful eyes of a resident, they will begin to sweep the goons daring to stand in front of them to go and take care of their leader. But it was only cinema. Then they are back in the modern world where the producer has scammed them in addition to kidnap a young woman that our two heroes will try to save by going to the 12th and last level. It does not fly high? The dialogues, written in LucasArts font , despite amusing references, zap without difficulty? So what ? What is asked of him,it’s something else: we entertain controllers in hands.

And on this side, at the very beginning, we are hardly disappointed. In rather pretty garb of beat them all in pixel art, where Spencer and Hill look great and the animations are quite pleasant, we take pleasure in distributing the loaves. Big and heavy with the bearded giant, lighter and faster with the fop, We appreciate the well placed counters giving rise to gusts of potatoes or slaps. We laugh when this good old Bud grabs two heads to hit them or explodes with a sound of bowling pins shattered. We are surprised by the dodge of featherweight. We think we are back to childhood. And then the waves of enemies are linked together. Again and again and without real change, without originality concerning the collected objects, without much logic concerning the resistance of the grouillots. And the

Farewell treasure

Fortunately, the Trinity Team had planned the shot by dotting the adventure sequences a little different: the super easy puzzle requiring the flexibility of Terence Hill, a mini-shooting game where you should not waste your balls, the pursuit of car or horse, as brief as they are not thrilling; a buggy race, as long as badly done because of his crazy hitboxes ; infiltration with direct sound reference to Metal Gear Solid , where the slightest misstep reminds that the checkpoints were super poorly thought …. Indeed, if unfortunately you come to fail, which can happen in Normal mode , especially against bumpstotally unbalanced, or worse, that you have to deal with one of the many blocking bugs (corpse refusing to disappear, CPU blocked or looking to pick up an item without success), and the backtracking will be violent and discouraging. Even two, it is hard to motivate to go to the end, even if it would take only one afternoon. Now If you want to download this PC Game or such Free PC Games Download Full Version, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for Windows 8 of all the games Audience in all over the entire world. Visit us to download free full version of all such games.