Promotion Party: Goodbye school

Your promo party is coming! It’s time to say goodbye to school and enjoy a magical night. We give you some points to keep in mind so that your friends and you not only see well, but look perfect and Chauffeur Cars Melbourne!


Yes, you are a man or a woman, do not hesitate to wear the right dress, think also of the shoes and the adornments such as the color of the tie or the hair in the case of the ladies.

In these times the most important thing is simplicity, you can choose any style avoiding extravagant designs, because elegance is defined by simplicity and austerity.

There are several visual tricks that will help you look super good, if it is a suit this should have a good fall, the straight and long dresses greatly favor the thin, the empire cut disguise wide hips, and if you are short stature low necklines They will be your allies, since they lengthen the neck, which makes you shape your figure. thai lottery numbers are available here.

The orchid

Orchids are delicate and beautiful flowers. They represent that youthful and adolescent freshness . If your partner is a  traditional girl and have been planning your promo for a long time, orchids are an excellent choice for you. The type and color of the orchid  you choose will depend on your partner’s dress.


Make a calendar where you can record your activities, your budget, your exits, and more so that you can make the most of your time and go out and get everything you need in advance for the big night.

It is possible that having all the time to organize you can overdo things. It is inevitable, but do not do it. Take into account the budget you will have for your party; with a good organization you will reach for everything you need and more.



Punctuality is one of the most important qualities in this type of event, if you are going to attend the group party set an hour to meet, take into account the traffic or any inconvenience that may arise. Consider that it’s your last night together and you will not want to miss any time.

The pictures

Do not forget to smile at the camera! Remember that the photos of tonight will see them later, look for what really feels good and not just what is fashionable.Also never make a drastic change to your style before the night of the event.Dramatic haircuts and last-minute tanning appointments should not occur, even if they seem to be a good idea at that time.

Is the promotion party coming up and you still do not know how to get there that day and impress?

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