Get Customers and Not Lose Them on The Road with a CRM

I’m tired of seeing how many companies make large investments in marketing to get customers, but once they have obtained these leads, prospect or potential customers, call it what you want, they forget to perform an adequate follow-up, that is, budgets that go directly to The trash.

That is why I want to highlight the importance of having a CRM that helps you manage them efficiently.

In the previous article of this series dedicated to the automation of actions, I asked you this question  Do you think that your CRM is working for you? , if you read it, I recommend it to you, then continue with it.

But before I start I want to ask you a question:

Would you be able to manage the registration of 100 daily leads? And 10? And 5?

As I said, in this article I explained the advantages of automating, the possibilities that opens automation and especially the time it saves you and your team , minutes multiplied by days and by each team member, can be a saving many hours to the company.

But today I want to give you more ideas, more possibilities applied to your day to day, today I want to explain how thanks to ZOHO CRM you can automatically put your CRM so that it can capture, track and qualify potential clients or leads for you .

Do not die of success

When we want to start a new project, the first thing we usually do is to document marketing issues and, in recent years, more specifically, online marketing.

We are excited to think that by correctly applying a marketing strategy we will get many new leads that will end up buying.

Obviously this is what we would like, but not everything is as simple as we paint it, or at least not everything is marketing either traditional or online.

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I mean that if we only focus on issues of attraction of leads thanks to techniques such as inbound marketing, leads magnets, then lead nurturing, etc. we run a serious risk, and that is that all this works

But, What are you telling me? you will think

Well that same, that if after the great economic effort and time involved in an effective marketing strategy start to reach leads and we do not have a system that allows us to process these new conversions we can create a bigger problem.

Can you imagine now if you receive 10 or 20 new leads today? What if tomorrow repeats itself?

Do you have thought about how to properly process and manage this volume?

These are questions that we must ask ourselves at the same time that we carry out our marketing strategy, because if you get it to work and your investment in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc. campaigns. they bear fruit, you have to be able to attend to these new leads in the same way as if you only registered.

There is a phrase that says:

We only have one opportunity to make a first impression

So take advantage of it! If a lead that has been registered on your website or entered into your database should be followed up effectively.

Now, with the volume of work that you are sure, do you feel able to take more time to carry out this follow-up properly?

Most likely not , that’s why you have to use tools that help you automate tasks like these and continue working.

How to automate the capture of potential customers

If you want to learn more about this topic, you have a course that I have done super practical called  Course effective tracking of leads  in which together we will set up a tracking system and automated qualification of your new leads.

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