Difference between shampoo and conditioner

Difference between shampoo and conditioner

Our hair is our glorious crown. But having a great hair goes beyond a haircut. Having good hair care is essential. Ensuring that hair is clean and healthy is the first step. For this reason, people invest a lot of money in shampoo and conditioners. Often, these two go hand in hand and one wonders if there is a differencebetween the two.

Difference between shampoo and conditioner

Actually, there are many differences between shampoos and conditioners. For beginners, they differ in their purpose. Shampoos are hair care products used to remove oil, dust, dirt, contaminants and dead skin cells that are stored throughout the day in the hair. On the other hand, conditioners are hair care products that are used to soften the texture of the hair, making them softer and much easier to brush and style after washing.

Due to the difference in their purpose, the components that are used to manufacture them are different. Shampoos contain ingredients much more similar to those found in soaps. The difference between the two is that the shampoo ingredients are much softer to protect the hair and not wash them completely, which can cause the hair to become brittle. The conditioners are made of moisturizers to help the hair to be manageable. It also contains proteins that help strengthen the hair to give a natural shine.

Another difference between these two products is the pH balance. While both products are acidic, conditioners are more acidic compared to shampoos. This is due to its high pH acid balance found in conditioners, which promotes the development of amino acids and helps keratin repair hair, making it look healthier, brighter and full of body.

Shampoos and conditioners today are made with vitamins and other nutrients. However, even the vitamins they contain are different. The vitamins and nutrients found in shampoos are often formulated to reach the roots of the hair. On the other hand, the vitamins of the conditioners aim to strengthen and prevent the hair is brittle and with split ends.

Finally, there is a difference in the way they are used. All shampoos should be rinsed after they have been applied to the hair. Conditioners can be used in two ways. The first can be applied to the hair and allow it to stay a few moments before rinsing. The other way is to leave it in the hair after applying.

In summary:

The shampoo is used to clean the hair and scalp. The conditioners are used to make the hair softer and more manageable.

The shampoos contain ingredients that are found in soaps and are a bit more acidic. The conditioners contain humidifiers and brighteners that make them more acidic than shampoos.

All shampoos are rinsed after applying. Conditioners are manufactured to be rinsed or left in the hair.