Choose Your Best Insurance Lawyer

Choose Your Best Insurance Lawyer

Our site will help you find the right lawyer, that is to say the one that suits you best in terms of competence, availability, price practiced, mode of operation in general.

The one who will be the right lawyer for you will not be the same as another person in a different situation or situation, but with different search criteria.

The following short guide is intended to explain how this liberal professional lawyer works so you can make an informed choice.

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1. How to ensure the skills of a lawyer?

All lawyers have, in terms of the degree, at least a master’s degree in law (now called Master I). However, most also have AEDs or DESS (now called Master II) which allow to know what is their initial training.

Nevertheless, this initial training does not always correspond to their professional activity.

The profession recognizes specialization titles that you will find in the search criteria.

These specializations, fifteen in number, can only be claimed by lawyers with at least four years of experience and having passed a professional examination before the Bar.

It is therefore a guarantee of quality.

Nevertheless, the system of allocation of specializations is quite outdated and does not cover all the specializations of the law, a large number of lawyers give up their specialization exams (which reform has been announced for a long time) and is content with display a privileged area of ​​expertise.

These privileged areas of expertise appear in our simple search.

The lawyers at who registered on this site and who fulfilled the criteria undertook on their honor to master perfectly the subjects in which they referenced.

Finally, some subjects require hyper-specialization that only experience and daily practice can provide.

That’s why we have implemented sub-criteria, sometimes very sharp, to help you find the right lawyer.

Again, our site guarantees that the lawyer referenced in this matter is committed to knowing it perfectly.

2. Should a lawyer be close geographically?

It all depends on the service you will give him.

In the context of a litigation of small importance, geographical proximity is a major asset: the lawyer will be easy to meet and his travel expenses will not add unnecessary weight to the file.

On the other hand, when it comes to litigation with significant financial stakes and / or legal advice, geographical proximity matters much less.

Indeed, in the case of litigation, and if the matter is significant, the costs and travel time will have little impact on the lawyer’s fees.

In these conditions, both take a lawyer who is perfect for your needs even if it is far.

Admittedly, meeting him will be less easy, but phone appointments or email exchanges can do the trick.

With respect to consultation or legal advice requests, distance matters even less. As much to take a lawyer who understands perfectly your problem even if it is remote, the geographical distance having in this case of figure any importance.

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3. What level of availability do I expect from my lawyer?

Not all clients have the same need for availability and not all lawyers are ready to provide the same availability.

Indeed, some customers tend to call their lawyers very frequently to “take news”, others are content with a simple email, information for the lawyer to inform them when an event occurs. is produced in the folder.

And conversely, according to their schedules and their characters, not all lawyers are ready for the same availability.

So make sure, when you entrust your file, that the degree of availability that you expect is compatible with the mode of operation of your lawyer.

Beware, a request for too frequent attention will unnecessarily inflate the fees of the file (answer the phone is time spent), so that it might have been enough to trust your lawyer to inform you every time major step of the file

4. What is the relationship with his lawyer?

It is essential to have a healthy and pleasant relationship with your lawyer.

To be well defended, it is necessary to be able to explain all the ins and outs of your case to your lawyer. As a result, it is imperative to be comfortable with it.