Cheap places to eat in Dubai

Cheap places to eat in Dubai

It feels like one of the most common questions we ask ourselves, our friends and our families in Dubai is, ‘Where do you want to eat?’  And more often than not, we can never come to a unanimous decision because there is so much choice here.

Usually, when we’re looking for somewhere to eat we’re looking for something affordable, comfortable and that tastes nice, right?  Well, we’ve put a little list together of some of the best cheap places to eat in Dubai and we’ve never yet had a bad meal there.

So, take a look at some of our top picks and if you’ve never been there before, you should certainly try it out.

Once you’ve picked the one you want you can put that saved cash towards booking a tee-time on some of the great golf courses in Dubai.

The Cheesecake Factory

Personally, this is one of my favourite restaurants because of the sheer variety and choice within the menu.  You can choose everything from fish, burgers, chicken, pasta, pizza and more and then finish it all off with one of their signature cheesecakes.  The Cheesecake Factory is a low-cost family restaurant ideal for families, couples or friends for a nice catch up meal and a get together.

The portion size of The Cheesecake Factory is certainly something that makes it a clear winner in our book, often you can share a meal between two people and with unlimited refills on their soft drinks, you can’t go wrong.

The Cheesecake Factory has plenty of locations around Dubai, so find your nearest one today.


When I really want to knuckle down and enjoy a nice affordable Italian meal, I head to Carluccio’s.  This one’s also dotted around the city and with plenty of locations, you’re never too far from a great value Italian meal.  Their menu offers some of the best Italian food in Dubai without breaking the bank and generous portions fill you up.  Definitely a good one for young couples who want to grab a bite out together for lunch or dinner.

P.F. Chang’s

Is there any other answer to, ‘Fancy a Chinese?’ Than an enthusiastic, ‘Yes, of course’?  I didn’t think so.  For when the craving for a Chinese meal gets to the point where you can just can’t control yourself any more, head to P.F. Chang’s for some of the best affordable Chinese food.  Huge portions and skilfully cooked Chinese cuisine is available and especially popular with large families.   There are plenty of P.F. Chang’s locations around Dubai and the whole restaurant always manages to have an authentic Chinese atmosphere throughout.

Texas Roadhouse

If you’re a beef-loving meat-eater, Texas Roadhouse should be high on your to-eat-list.  With an amazing carnivorous menu focused on proper authentic beef, steaks, burgers and more you’ll find plenty of tasty good food at Texas Roadhouse.  A word to the wise, though, there’s not really anything for the vegetarians amongst us, so maybe give this a miss if they’re in your party.