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Vegetable Recipes for Healthy Lunch at Mumbai Square London

1. Wrap with vegetables

Wraps are easy and incredibly versatile. With a few simple ingredients you can make a delicious lunch with vegetables. And no, that does not really all have to do with the standard filling of lettuce, cheese and tomato. A few delicious ways to fill your wraps are for example:

  • Hummus and vegetables: fill the wrap with hummus, avocado, grated carrot and fresh spinach. Also nice is the combination of hummus with grilled vegetables.
  • Hüttenkäse with raw vegetables: hüttenkäse has a fresh taste that goes well with tomatoes, cucumber and fresh lettuce. For extra protein, add a boiled egg.
  • Asian: wok a few peppers, cucumber, snow peas and bean sprouts with a dash of soy sauce. Add an egg or pieces of turkey breast and serve with some peanut sauce.
  • Chickpeas: mix roasted chickpeas with avocado, tomatoes and feta, and season with a (homemade) yogurt sauce.

2. Vegetable soup

There is almost no easier lunch than soup. It takes hardly any time to make a substantial amount, and because it is easy to freeze, you can keep it for a long time. Then you only need a microwave for a delicious warm and healthy lunch.

And no, soup does not just have to consist of vegetables! Precisely by adding some proteins, you ensure that your healthy lunch fills a few hours. In this blog you will find five delicious protein-rich soups with which you can get some inspiration.

3. Vegetable on bread

Do not feel like saying goodbye to your easy to use baskets? No worries, because you can also get enough vegetables on bread! For example, grilled vegetables are delicious on a well-filled sandwich, for example with hummus or cottage cheese. You can also stack with raw vegetables for a hearty sandwich.

Also very easy: make your own vegetable spread for a healthy lunch! You do not need more than a blender to roughly chop everything up.

  • Paprika spread: 1 red pepper, ½ stalk of celery, 100 g hüttenkäse; season with a spring onion and lemon juice
  • Root spread: 1 winter carrot , 100 g hüttenkäse, 1 tsp mustard and lemon juice to taste
  • Spinach spread: 200 g spinach, 100 g soft goat cheese , roasted pine nuts
  • Pea spread: 100 g peas, 2 tbsp yogurt or cottage cheese , ½ avocado, handful of freshmen

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